Thursday, July 01, 2010

Pearl-white E Ink display to debut in next-gen #Amazon #Kindle

E-Ink has a virtual monopoly on the eReader market, but it plans to stay ahead by introducing its an even higher contrast Pearl model to its already paper-white model. Look for all the major eReaders makers to switch to the whiter-than-paper Pearl model by the end of the year. R.C.J.

E Ink has upgraded its paper-white display. The technology, dubbed Pearl, will show off its claimed 50 percent contrast-ratio improvement over competing offerings when it debuts in Amazon's next-generation, large-screen Kindle DX e-reader, slated to hit the shelves on July 7. E Ink's previous display technology was already the whitest of available reflective displays, but the company has moved to stay one step ahead of its competitors by upping the contrast ratio by a claimed 50 percent over competing technologies. With Pearl, text now "pops" from the displayed page, minimizing eyestrain, but reportedly without compromising the E Ink display's vaunted weeklong battery life between charges (compared with roughly a day's worth of battery operation for devices, such as Apple's iPad, that use LCD screens).
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